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Give based on a game, or give now in 30 seconds from your phone.

Watch the Video
Watch the Video

Give based on a game, to the cause you love.

The Drive
The Drive
The Drive
The Drive
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    Donors create a pledge based on a game, then share with friends on social - ex. $5 per touchdown.

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    Donors enjoy the game while their final donation amount plays out on the field.

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    Donors can edit their final pledge amount, then confirm the donation from their phone - ex. 3 TD's scored totals $15 (3 TD's @ $5/ea).

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Network of Giving

Our community of charities and advocates is growing each day

Gamification of Giving

Engage your fans like never before

For Charities For Charities

If there’s a game, there’s a giving opportunity – put your recurring giving challenges behind you. With no up-front cost or ongoing maintenance needed, actively grow your donor base with The Drive’s fun, interactive donation platform. Get started today!

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For Advocates For Advocates

Be an influencer. We allow athletes, pro teams, corporations and organizations to raise awareness for the charities of their choice! Actively raise money for a great cause. Garner positive goodwill in the community. Help create a culture of giving!

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About Us

As donors, we recognized an issue in modern fundraising. Emotionally, we were charged and ready to give; however, we often found the task of making a donation tedious and uneventful — sometimes to the point of deterring gifts. As modern consumers, we wanted the act of donating to be fun, convenient and empowering. After listening to the frustrations of donors representing the next generation of givers, we realized that if we could integrate a game aspect people would be more inclined to give. What emerged was The Drive, a network for donors to connect with their favorite charities and give based on the outcomes of sporting events. We merged sports and charity to create a gamified giving concept. Through time, we hope to make #EveryPlayCount count for charity!

About The Drive

Client Testimonials

See what fans, athletes, and organization are saying.

Kyle Shelton Avid Fan. Now Regular Donor. The Drive gave me the opportunity to donate an amount I was comfortable with giving. I never thought I would say donating was fun, but the sports giving concept has really changed how I look at donating.
Dot Rhyne Marketing Director, Fields & Futures Foundation The Drive is the perfect fundraising tool for our organization. We already have the sports association, so it made perfect sense to have our donors give based on the outcome of local games. Our donor base has expanded and the donor information helps us craft more effective messaging.
Andrew Brown Former Pro Baseball Player As players, we were always involved in the community - volunteering and raising awareness for charity. The Drive allows us to engage our social media audience and have a measurable impact on charity. I’m confident it’s going to change the fans experience at the ballpark.

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